Archive of Black Female Pain. #RelivingPain #RelievingPain #PathstoHealing The journey begins. This is a collaboration with University of Hartford student and Dorothy Goodwin Scholar, Hunter Parker. She will be conducting research and documentation of black female pain in history, medicine, and creative practices. We are looking for documents, events and figures from the past in order to produce an inspiring message for women today. Statistics show that there is racial bias in the assessment and treatment of pain, specifically for Black and Latina patients and expectant mothers. It is important that women of color receive equal treatment and education about health. We want to generate a public response, primarily centered around history in Bridgeport, Old Saybrook, and Hartford, CT. Who, what, and where is the archive of female pain? Is it a memory of healing? A tender scar? Or a brand new life? The monument will attempt to address these and other questions.